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Note: If your organization is a hand-carry medical mission team and is not seeking full container shipment support you should use this form.

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If restricted money is available for your destination, BBF will be happy to discuss that possibility with you. For the majority of shipments, however, it is the applicant's responsibility to cover the cost of international shipping, BBF fees, customs clearance and in-country transportation. Can your organization fund these charges? If so, how?(required)

Who would be responsible for providing distribution reports, needs assessments, impact statements and statistics, photos, etc. to Brother's Brother Foundation? Please give the name, address and phone number of this person. (required)

Does your organization have experience with container shipments? (required)

If yes to the above question, please explain the country or countries to which you have shipped and any issues you may have had. (required)

What are the required tax-exoneration certificates and/or other paperwork necessary to clear customs duty-free? (required)

Thank you for your attention to the application. Donation availability varies throughout the year. For this reason, we can only work with organizations that can receive donations in a timely manner. We will be contacting your organization for further discussion about the application process.

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