BBF 2017 Hurricane Response Tracker

BBF’s Hurricane Response to Harvey, Irma and Maria Continues

Hurricane Harvey & Irma:
BBF is supporting the delivery of 31 tractor-trailer loads worth of donated water, food, medical items, etc. for those in need in Florida and Texas with the help of Gleaning For The World. This includes more than 11 tractor-trailer loads worth of food from larger food banks in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

• Two tractor-trailer loads of food from corporations
• Two tractor-trailer loads of simple medical supplies and safety items from BBF’s inventory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
• Two tractor-trailer loads of supplies collected from facilities throughout Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland by BBF/NCA in Fairfax, Virginia
• 25 tractor-trailer loads of water, food, cleaning, and building supplies from Gleaning for the World

Hurricane Maria:

U.S. Virgin Islands
BBF is supporting the delivery of:
• Seven ocean-going container loads of humanitarian supplies for the island of St. Croix.
• Three air shipments of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to St. Croix medical facilities.

Puerto Rico
BBF is supporting the delivery of:
• 19 ocean-going container loads of humanitarian and medical supplies to partners in Puerto Rico.
• 13 tractor-trailer load equivalents of medical supplies on 10 air shipments to partners in Puerto Rico.

100% of donations designated for hurricane relief will be used to pay for shipping and to purchase other supplies for this effort.

Monetary donations can be mailed to Brother’s Brother Foundation, 1200 Galveston Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233, called in to 412-321-3160, or submitted via the form linked below.

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