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January 11, - BBF Responds to West Virginia Chemical Spill Needs

January 31 – BBF Announces Officers and New Trustees for 2014

March 13 - BBF President Luke Hingson Visits Sierra Leone

June 23 - BBF Responds to Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

July 9 - BBF Responds to Ebola Outbreak from BBF/Virginia

July 30 - BBF Responds to Requests For Medical Assistance
on Three Continents

August 4 - BBF Supports Sierra Leone and Liberia in Wake of Ebola Outbreak

August 6 - BBF Loads Four Container Shipments For Haiti, Dominican Republic and Rwanda

August 18 - BBF Supports More Shipments to 70 Hospitals and Clinics to Sierra Leone and Liberia

September 17 - BBF Supports Priority Shipments to Ebola Treatment Centers



May 21 – BBF Responds to Oklahoma Tornado Disaster

November 8 – BBF Responds to Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda 

November 15 – BBF Responds to Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda 

November 20 – BBF to Send Shipment in Response to Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda 

November 26 – Forbes Rates BBF Tied as Most Efficient Charity in 2013 


October 29 – BBF Responds to Hurricane Sandy



March 11 – BBF Responds to Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami

September 9 – BBF Reponds to U.S. Floods

September 22 – BBF and JASP Respond to Disasters in Japan

October 24 – BBF Responds to Earthquake in Turkey

December 1, BBF Ties as Number One Most Efficient Charity by Forbes Magazine



January 12th – BBF Responds to Haiti Earthquake

March 1st – BBF Responds to Chile Earthquake

June 16 – BBF Sends 34th Haiti Relief Shipment

June 29 – BBF and Duquesne University Send Shipment to Liberia

November 19 – BBF Rated Most Efficient by Forbes

December 23 – BBF and FftP Send Baseball Supplies with Shipment to Dominican Republic (video)

December 27 – Yahoo! Finance Lists BBF as Best Charity in America



January – Thank You Donors

February – Books to Lebanon

February – BBF Staff Visits Jamaica

March – Ambassadors From Malawi and Zambia Visit BBF

March – Pharmaceutical Donors Recognized

November – BBF Supplies Phillippines Book Fair in Response to Flood

December – BBF’s Recognitions and Awards



February 4th – BBF Makes Remarkably Strong Start in 2008

March 7th – Early March Shipments

April 4th – BBF Sends Medical Books and Supplies to Iraq

September 9th – BBF Aids Hurricane-Afflicted Haiti

November 24th – BBF Noted by Forbes as One of Four Most Efficient Charities

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