Brother’s Brother Foundation – One of the Most Efficient Charities In America

Brother’s Brother Foundation
Connecting People’s Resources with People’s Needs”
1958 – 2016

Serving people for over 59 years in 149 countries on five continents.


More than 100.3 million books provided to more than 25 million students in more than 50,000 academic institutions.

BBF’s International Education Program is the largest distributor of privately donated books in the world.


More than 7,700 tons of seeds provided — enough to cover 14,000 square miles of farmland.
BBF’s Agricultural Program is the world’s largest private charitable distributor of donated seed (1976-2000).

More than 18,600 tons of food provided — enough to feed 100,000 people in times of natural disasters and war (1974-2010).

BBF’s Humanitarian Program is one of the first to respond in these disasters.

More than 7,300 tons of humanitarian relief supplies shipped directly or with other charities such as clothing, shoes, building materials, etc.


More than 15,525 tons of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals (over 44.4 million prescription units) and hospital equipment have been shipped to more than 3,000 hospitals and clinics overseas.

BBF’s Medical Programs responds to requests for needed products in underserved and developing countries.


Total weight of shipments — Approximately 105,404 tons, the equivalent of more than 7,400 tractor trailer loads.

Total dollar value of shipments — More than $4,000,000,000.

Recent Recognitions

Forbes Magazine highlighted BBF as one of only two charities with a 100% rating in fundraising efficiency, December 2016.

Charity Navigator – 4 star rating.

Chronicle of Philanthropy ranked BBF as the 107th largest U.S. charity in 2016.

Guidestar – Platinum Participant

The Nonprofit Times again listed BBF in the 100 largest charities in the United States, November 2016.

The Better Business Bureau noted BBF’s efficiency and gave their “Wise Giving Alliance Standards” seal of approval again in 2016.

Year 2016 shipments:

Weight: 3,136,982 pounds

Country Recipients: 59

Volume: 188 tractor-trailer loads

Number of Trustees: 26 Voting

Number of Staff Members: 24

Over 99% of donations go to those in need. Less than 1% of the value of donations used for overhead.