BBF Partners with Highmark Health and Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Hurricane Maria Response to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

BBF invites the press to speak with BBF President, Luke Hingson and Ron Alvarado, Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Chamber President, Roberto Clemente, Jr., Highmark Health Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Wilfredo (Fred) Ramos and U.S. Virgin Islands Representative in Pittsburgh Olga George, at 2:00 PM September 28st at the BBF office located at 1200 Galveston Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233.

BBF is partnering with the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to respond to the devastation in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“We are rallying the local Pittsburgh business community to come together to support these humanitarian assistance relief efforts already underway,” commented David Holmberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Highmark Health. “The images we are seeing on a daily basis of the destruction caused by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria are devastating. As a mission-driven organization, we are compelled to partner with these organizations to help those impacted by these disasters through life-threatening circumstances and to let them know we stand by them and are praying for them, now and through what will be a long recovery process.”

BBF anticipates sending requested medical supplies and humanitarian assistance to partners in the affected area as soon as possible. BBF President, Luke Hingson reminds all, “BBF has a policy during disasters that clearly states 100% of disaster funds go toe help people in the disaster area.”

Monetary donations can be mailed to 1200 Galveston Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233, called in to 412-321-3160, or submitted via the form linked below.

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