BBF’s Continued Response to Hurricane Harvey in the United States

BBF is working with colleague charity Medical Bridges based in Houston, Texas.  BBF is sending truckloads of medical supplies including pallets of face masks to Medical Bridges the week of September 4th from the BBF warehouse in Pittsburgh.  BBF’s donations to Medical Bridges will replenish their inventory.  The staff of Medical Bridges has been distributing medical supplies from their inventory to first responders and to shelters in the Houston area.  Donated funds will be used to pay for shipping and to purchase other relief supplies.

BBF is also working with Gleaning For The World (GFTW) out of Richmond, Virginia following the effects of Hurricane.  GFTW, with the help of BBF, has sent or is sending nine tractor trailer loads of cleaning supplies, bleach, thermo-blankets, and bottled water to be sent to nonprofits located in Dallas and Houston, Texas.  Based on continuing needs, additional tractor trailer loads will follow. BBF is also preparing two-three trailer loads of donated food which will be sent next week from BBF and other facilities in Pittsburgh, PA.  BBF thanks corporate donors and expresses gratitude to the employees of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) for their contributions to BBF and our work related to Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey-Specific Donations:
In response to Hurricane Harvey, BBF is currently requesting either monetary donations to help with shipping costs and bulk purchases of relief supplies or educational supply donations including:
– new writing pads or loose-leaf paper
– 24-count boxes of crayons
– 2-inch erasers
– unsharpened pencils
– hand held pencil sharpeners
– rulers
– child-safe scissors
All donations from in-school collections for Hurricane Harvey response should be placed in 5-gallon buckets (lids included).
(buckets can be purchased at 84-Lumber, Home Depot, LOWES and Walmart).
School supplies will be received by BBF for this effort until October 31,2017.

Hurricane Harvey donations can be dropped off at 1200 Galveston Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233 or at 2730 Prosperity Ave., Suite 110, Fairfax, VA 22031

Monetary donations can be mailed to 1200 Galveston Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233, called in to 412-321-3160, or submitted via the form linked below.

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