BBF Responds to Needs Following Hurricane Sandy

Brother’s Brother Foundation Responds to Needs Following Hurricane Sandy
October 29, 2012
Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF) is helping to send four tractor trailer load of assistance to those in need due to Hurricane Sandy.  BBF is working with Gleaning For The World (GFTW) which is ready to be on the scene as soon as it is safe to be there.  GFTW will be packing and sending out trucks this morning to aid in the relief efforts in the North East.  In response to the expected damage, GFTW is sending non-perishables, water and blankets to be distributed.  BBF is requesting only financial support (no clothing or food) to send additional emergency aid as quickly as possible.  BBF, working with GFTW, has sent 28 tractor trailer loads of requested donations following recent weather-related disasters in the United States during the last year.

If mailing a donation, please designate it to:

Brother’s Brother Foundation –US Hurricane Relief
1200 Galveston Ave. Pittsburgh, PA  15233