Thank You For Helping Make 2008 a Record Year

Thank You For Helping Make 2008 a Record Year
January 14, 2009

Brother’s Brother Foundation distributed 520 oceangoing containers (over 6,500 tons) of requested donated medicines, books, hospital beds and other humanitarian items to those in need around the world. BBF maintained its 2008 rating in Forbes Magazine as one of the four most efficient charities in the USA as based on Forbes Magazine’s rating of 100% efficiency for BBF in fundraising and charitable commitment.

In 2007 BBF distributed 2,038 tons of requested products to those in need. In 2008 BBF shipped well over 6,500 tons of requested items including 4,128,000 bottles of pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, hypertensives, anti fungal ointments, etc.), 20,748,000 new books, 700 hospital beds, 435,000 pairs of new shoes and other items. BBF also provided medical and humanitarian supplies to 200 volunteer medical mission teams, an increase of 50% from a year ago. The value of 2008 shipments exceeded $1,000,000,000 ($1 billion).

“Reasons for the increase include larger corporate donations, efficiency and confidence from many international sponsors. Donors and recipients know that BBF repeatedly can deliver requested, needed materials at low cost. It is a confluence of effort, efficiency and caring,” says Luke L. Hingson, President of Brother’s Brother Foundation.

Major Pennsylvania corporate product contributors include Teva, Mylan and Impax Pharmaceuticals. In spite of financial hardship, the number of cash contributors to BBF remains relatively constant.