Early March Shipments

Medical Air Shipments to Civil Strife Affected Kenya, Africa and to Paraguay, South America
March 7, 2008

This seven days, Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF) sends $3,949,584 of medicines to Kenya where civil strife has left 500,000 homeless and killed over 1,000. The requested medicines include antibiotics, anti-diabetics and anti-hypertensives and will be distributed by BBF’s implementing partner, Adventist Relief and Development Agency, to local hospitals in the affected area.
Requested medicines with a value of $1,938,566 are also being sent to the American Embassy in Asuncion , Paraguay for distribution to 14 hospitals. B’nai B’rith International and B’nai B’rith Paraguay are supporting this shipment with Brother’s Brother Foundation. The requested medicines include anti-hypertensives and anti-diabetics.